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Sunday School



President: Fr.Johnson V


Headmaster: K K Mani Punnasseril



Staff Secretary : Vincy Aji Kollarakuzhy



Sunday school is a spiritual organisation its takes care of spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of jesus christ and his church Rev.fr Alexanthrios Thazhathepeedikayil  inaugurated our sunday school on 1926 .Thekkekara PJ Chacko was appointed as headmaster .

The classes are conducted in Malayalam language. The classes range from pre-primary classes to the twelth class.In sunday school concludes the secondary level and a certificate is awarded sunday school final certificate (S.S.F.C) to successful candidates.Higher secondary course is another two years.We follow a curriculum prepared and published by oriental Orthodox churches.

The vacation Bible school conducted during the mid summer holidays(O.V.B.S) is a very vibrant wing of the O.S.S.A.E.In this have seperate text books, devotional materials and song book for the every year.The Balika-Balasamajam also included in our sunday school.Inculcating the ideals of worship, study and wholesome living among all the boys and girls inside the church.This is  the main objective of Balasamajam. Through this program an all round development of personality of the children is accomplished as they are encouraged to study the Holy Bible, the tradition and history of the church along their academic studies.The samajam through its activities encourages the children to participate regularly in the sunday school and church services.

Mr.PJ  Chacko Thekkekara was the first headmster at the sunday school(1926-1930;1966-1967;1980-1982).Mr EK Varghese  Elamkavunkal(1931-1937), Mr. TV Varghese Thekkekuttu(1938,1957;1975-1979), Mr.VI Varghese Koodathummuriyil(1958-1961), Mr KV George Karipppottu(1962-1964;1967-1972;1985), Mr CE Varghese Charivupurayidam(1973-1974), Mr Saju Kuriakose Thekkekara(1983-1984).Mr KP Ipe Kallolickal(1986-2000) served as the headmaster during 1926 to 2000 and now Mr KK Mani Punnasseril is serving as the headmaster.