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Youth Movement

ST Marys Youth Movement Panayampala



President:Fr.Johnson V


Vice President: Kiran Kurian,Karuvelil



Secretary: Jeswin Varghese,Punnasseril



Joint Secretary: Sobha Mary Abraham,Madathummury



Treasurer: Aiswarya Mary Jacob,Thekkekara



Youth Voice Chief Editor: Mebin K Mathew,Punnasseril



Idavakashabdam Member: Libin V Varghese



Auditors:Shynu K Abraham Narolil


Sheethal Susan john Kollarakuzhy

Youth Movement Members


Youth Movement Mem



The Youth Movement started, in Panayampala Orthodox Church established in the name of St. Mary, in the year 1949. The initial office bearers were Rev. Fr. K.P. Varghese as President, Mr. P.J. Chacko as Vice President, Mr. E.K. Varghese as Secretary and Mr. K.O. Philipose as Treasurer.

The Movement is functioning with the aim of spiritual enlightenment of Parish youngsters by uplifting its motto – “Worship, Study & Service”. Youngsters of various generations have contributed to its growth. Members are active in the Movement and take enthusiasm in Church activities, under the auspicious of spiritual organisations such as Sushrushaka Sangham, Choir, Sunday school, MGOCSM, Suvisheshaka Sangham and Prayer Meetings. Pilgrimage to the holy shrine of St. Gregorious of Parumala from Panayampala was initiated by our Youth Movement, which later on became a regional pilgrimage with the participation of local Orthodox parishes.

A library which was started from the beginning is still actively utilised by the Church members. Fabulous charity missions are done by the Movement, providing aid for poor and support for education, marriage and medical treatments. In the years 1981-84 “Home for Homeless” project was successfully completed. Debates, seminars, quiz competitions and other general programmes are also conducted by the Movement.

We do house visits, and pray for the sick. We share the grief of the families of the departed by our presence, prayers and participation in the rituals.

Prathibha Curry Powder unit is running smoothly supporting elders and handicapped. De-addiction unit is functioning in line with the vision of a drug-free state.

We publish “Youth Voice”, a perunnal supplement, yearly. Flag post carved in black stone, was constructed by Youth Movement with the support of parish members.


We proudly announce our awards:

  • Best Unit in Mallappally District – 1988
  • Best Unit in Diocese – 1988-89 and 1990-91


We were honoured with the following titles:

  • George Varghese – District Organizer, 1977
  • K. Cyriac, Mr. Sunil K. Easo – Diocese Committee Member, 1986
  • Kiran Kurian – District Organizer, 2005-10
  • Sunil K. Easo – Diocese Treasurer and Central Committee Member, 2009-14
  • Jeswin George – Diocese Committee Member, 2011-14
  • Shobha Mary Abraham – Diocese Committe Member, 2015


Voluntary service was rendered during the construction of the new church in 1991 and we were able to collect donations for the same. Night vigil practised yearly on Good Friday. Youth Movement is active in organizing Christmas carol, Christmas celebrations, book stall in perunnal days, sports and art competitions and the distribution of plant saplings – supporting Environment Day.


Endowment Schemes:

  • Kollarakkuzhy Sri. Bobby Memorial Medical Help Scheme, in the memory of Kollarakkuzhy Sri. Bobby Kurian, former member of Youth Movement.
  • Kollarakkuzhy Sri. Mathew Kurian Memorial Educational Help Scheme, in the memory of Kollarakkuzhy Sri. Mathew Kurian, former member of Youth Movement.

The Youth Movement celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 1998-99. It was inaugurated by Bishop H.G. Zacharias Anthonios. Bible classes, family counselling, parish meet and diocese-level leadership training camp were conducted. The concluding ceremony was inaugurated by Bishop H.G. Athanasios and chaired by Bishop H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Osthathios and felicitated by Bishop H.G. Dr. Abraham Severios . All the former and founding members were formally honoured in the meeting by ordaining them with a ponnada. The meeting concluded with a gana-mela.

2000-2001 periods were the starting of Platinum Jubilee of our parish. The parish flag benedicted from the holy shrine of St. Gregorious of Parumala, was auspiciously brought here, under the leadership of the Youth Movement.

The most heart touching and gracious Kaal-Kazhukal Sushrusha – where the Bishop, who is the representative of Christ, washes the feet of priests who represent the Disciples of Christ – was conducted in 2005, under the leadership of the Youth Movement. The Sushrusha was led by Bishop H.G. Dr. Youhanon Milithios.

For the first time in the history of Malankara Orthodox Church, the Youth Movement was able to publish a DVD documenting the Syrian Holy Communion. The DVD of the Holy Communion, led by Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Varghese (Mar Anthonios Old Age Home and Rehabilitation Centre) on 29 December 2013, is available for purchase at a reasonable rate.

2015-16 is the Navathy period of our parish. Many activities are being organized this year too. To flag off the celebrations, a procession carrying a flaming torch was conducted on Sunday, 28 December 2014, from Old Seminary, Kottayam under the leadership of the Youth Movement. Building a website for our parish was another main agenda. The Youth Movement started the work for the same, on January 1, 2015.

Youth, the foundation of our parish, should stand together and work to spread the light of these burning candles of goodness and truth worldwide. This is our motto.